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Do you wonder what your BMW icon means? Check out our BMW ICON GUIDE. Some great help to guide you. Check when your BMW needs a service with the BMW Icons Guide. More Help

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We use the latest diagnostic tools and software to dealer quality for your car. We tackle any kind of problem or issue with your car and aim to provide a quick turn around keeping you on the road. Find Out More

Why Choose Us?
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With over 7 years BMW / Mini experience, amazing savings on main dealer prices (up to 70%), quick turn around, expert knowledge AND All work is guaranteed See How We Can help.

We know that you want the peace of mind that your vehicle is being looked after to the high quality of a Dealership. But we also know that you don't want to pay Main Dealer prices, which are usually extortionate.


Glasgow Independent BMW & Mini Specialists 

This is where we come in. We offer dealer-level service, diagnostics and facilities, but with the pride, attention to detail and – most importantly – the price of an Independent Garage.

We will not be beaten on Servicing, on a 'like-for-like' basis,  or Main Dealership.

And you won't be compromising on quality either.

We specialise in BMW, Mini - 

Models We Can Help With - 

  • E36 3 series sedan, coupe, convertible and touring 1990–2000
  • E36 Compact hatchback 1993–2000 (first-generation Compact)
  • Z3 coupe and roadster 1996–2002
  • M coupe 1998–2002 (first-generation M Coupe)
  • E38 series large sedan 1994–2001
  • E39 5 series mid-sized sedan 1995–2003
  • E53 X5 mid-sized SUV 1999–2006 (BMW's first SUV)
  • E46 3 series sedan, coupe, convertible and touring 1998–2006
  • E52 Z8 roadster 1999–2003
  • E46 Compact hatchback 2000–2004 (second-generation Compact)
  • E65/66/67/68 large sedan 2002–2008
  • E85/E86 Z4 roadster/coupe 2002–2008 (first-generation Z4)
  • E83 X3 crossover SUV 2003–2010 (first-generation X3)
  • E60 5 series mid-sized sedan 2003–2010
  • E63/E64 mid-sized coupe/convertible 2003–2011
  • E61 5 series estate 2004–2011
  • E70 X5 mid-sized SUV 2006–2013 (second-generation X5)
  • E71 X6 mid-sized crossover 2008–2014 (2-door version of X5)
  • E81/E87 1 series hatchback 2004–2011 (first-generation 1 Series)
  • E82/E88 1 series small coupe/convertible 2007–2011
  • E90/E91/E92/E93 3 series sedan/touring/coupe/convertible 2005–2011
  • E84 X1 compact crossover SUV 2009–present
  • F01/F02/F03/F04 7 series large sedan 2008-2015
  • E89 Z4 roadster 2009–present (second-generation Z4)
  • F10 5 series mid-sized sedan 2009–present
  • F11 5 series mid-sized estate 2009–present
  • F07 5 series GT 4-door coupe 2009–present
  • F12/F13 6 series midsized coupe/convertible 2011–present
  • F20/F21 1 series hatchback 2011–present
  • F25 X3 crossover SUV 2011–present
  • F30/F31 3 series compact sedan/touring 2012–present
  • F34 3 series GT 4 door coupe 2013–present
  • F32/F33 4 series coupe/convertible 2013–present
  • F15 X5 mid-sized SUV 2013–present
  • F16 X6 mid-sized crossover SUV 2014–present
  • i3 compact electric city car 2013–present
  • F26 X4 crossover SUV 2014-present
  • i8 electric sports car 2014–present
  • G11/G12 7 series large sedan 2015-present
  • G30 5 series sedan 2016-present